Blockchain’s 5 Most promising Tokens

Such tokens are a significant part of the industry, and as a result, they contribute to the general expansion of the blockchain ecosystem. Every day, a slew of new initiatives emerge that make significant and insightful additions to the field, all of which should add to the widespread democratization of the industry.


Terra is one our best contenders on the list. Terra is a base-layer network system that was launched in 2018 and processes payments using fiat-pegged stablecoins like TerraUSD (CCC:UST-USD).

The Terra protocol's primary currency is LUNA. It serves as a backup asset, helping to keep the price of these stablecoins constant. LUNA, for example, is "burned" to create TerraUSD tokens.




Chiliz (abbreviated CHZ) is a virtual currency utilized in the field of sports and entertainment platforms. It is a utility coin on the Ethereum blockchain that is used as the network's authorized virtual currency. The designers of Chiliz intended to bring the parties closer together because of the present passive interaction between teams and their passionate fans in the sports industry. Chiliz was established in 2012 in Malta.


Chiliz's purpose is to provide millions of sports and e-sports fans with a coin that they can use to purchase direct voting weight in their beloved football teams. As a result, supporters stop being passive spectators by becoming active members of the club.



Elrond is a web blockchain that is designed to be fast, inexpensive, and effective along a wide variety of use cases. Elrond Network offers sector scalability due to Reactive State Sharding and its innovative Secured Proof-of-Stake (SPoS) consensus method. 


The eGLDcoin serves a variety of purposes on Elrond. It's utilized for staking and validation awards, as well as payments for transactions and smart contracts, aspart of the network governance process.



Filecoin is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency and electronic payment system that seeks to provide cloud-based shared digital storage powered by blockchain technology.

It was built by Protocol Labs and is based on the Inter-Planetary FileSystem. It enables users to rent out unused disk space.



Flow is a blockchain that is efficient, decentralized, and programmer friendly. Flow is the basis for whole ecosystems of consumer devices, beginning with gaming, artifacts, and the apps that interact with them, and is presented to you by the team behind CryptoKitties.


Flow is built on a new architecture that provides the performance needed for popular applications while not compromising decentralization or network sharding.


As a result, Flow developers can create safe and modular apps that open up new opportunities for people all over the globe.

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