PBWS 2022 : How Blockchain can help Corporations

Corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, and media representatives from around the World will convene at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit in April 2022.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized record shared across computer network nodes. A blockchain acts as a database, storing information in a digital format. The Blockchain technology is known to ensure the accuracy and security of a data record while generating trust without the requirement for a trusted third party.

How can Blockchain help corporations

For entities trading with one another, blockchain for enterprise is useful. In a practical setting, corporations could benefit from using blockchain. The technology can be used for Smart and automated contracts between two parties, Cybersecurity and traceability, GDPR Rights, Supply Chain and logistics monitoring, Voting mechanism, Advertising insights, Personal Identity Security, etc.

Permissioned users may access the same information at the same time using distributed ledger technology, which improves efficiency, builds trust, and reduces friction. Blockchain also enables a solution's scope and capacity to be quickly adjusted, and many alternatives can be customized to do many jobs across different sectors. Visibility and traceability are core elements valuable to most enterprises.  Indeed, the technology enables simpler supply chain transparency while also bolstering confidence in product origin data as commodities flow through the supply chain to customers.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit

In the most groundbreaking industry event, the decision makers gather in France, the first G20 country to create a business-friendly environment for the rapidly growing ecosystem,  to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency

  • When? April 13th & 14th 2022
  • 3100+ attendees
  • 70+ sponsors
  • 250+ Top Speakers in the World
  • 100+ media partners with 550+ articles published

This is where the future of business lies. Companies who participate in this in-depth conversation and the use of blockchain technology in a practical context will all contribute to improving the ecosystem and thus ensuring a brighter future. You now have a chance to be part of this. Do you wish to share knowledge? Or perhaps want to understand better how blockchain can help your company? Or do you want to place your company as the frontrunner in your own field?

All will be covered at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2022!
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PBWSummit will gather the most prominent blockchain and digital asset organisations from all around the world for two days of insightful talks in Paris!

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