The Paris Blockchain Week Summit is committed to maintaining the highest level of excellence for our attendees, speakers, and sponsors.  

While we are aware that the current situation calls for an extraordinary amount of caution, we also recognize that we must adapt to the situation, so that we can come together for events such as ours in order to contribute to the rapid growth of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.  

The French government has put in place strict social distancing measures: everyone in Paris is required to wear a mask at all times, even when outside, and everyone is required to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from one another.  

However, safety is our top priority.  We want to ensure that everyone from around the world can attend, and that all of our speakers and sponsors will be able to participate.  Therefore, we have made the decision to transform PBWS into a hybrid event. 

Attendees who are not able to attend in person will be able to purchase a virtual pass, to have access to a livestream of the event, the networking application, and virtual sponsor booths.  Additionally, speakers who are not able to attend physically will be able to present virtually on screen at Station F.  

We feel that transforming into a hybrid event is the best way to ensure the safety of all of our participants, while maintaining the level of excellence that you expect. 

Our commitments for the live event:

We are committed to strictly following the guidelines of the French authorities, as well as the recommendations from the World Health Organization, to ensure the health and safety of all of our guests.  Please find below our engagements for the live event at Station F.  

- According to the French authorities’ recommendations, masks are mandatory for all people over 11 years of age.  Therefore, everyone onsite at the event will be required to wear a mask at all times, even while onstage.  This includes our entire staff (the PBWS team, security personnel, hostesses, and cleaning services.)

- To ensure the safety of our participants, we have decided to limit the number of attendees to 1,500.  

- We will provide hydroalcoholic gel for everyone at the entrance, in every room, and in the open hall.  

- The temperature of each visitor will be controlled at the entrance of the event using an infrared forehead thermometer. 
- All attendees will have access to an on-site security guard, who is authorized to care for ailing people and to redirect them to the appropriate medical teams.  

- The capacity of the venue, including stage areas and every room, has been scaled down to ensure physical distancing. Floor markings will be put in place to ensure that social distancing measures are respected.  

- Increased measures will be taken to ensure the cleanliness of Station F. The catering area has also been adapted with more service staff, an increased number of individual portions, and signage to assure that all lines move in one direction to access the buffet.  

- STATION F reserves the right to request access to the guest list if there is a COVID-19 case after the event.

What we expect from our attendees:

We ask all of our guests to kindly respect social distancing guidelines during the entirety of the conference, in order to make the experience safe and enjoyable for everyone.  Please find below the guidelines that we expect all of our attendees to follow.  

- Every guest must respect the social distancing guidelines that have been laid out by the French government: wearing a mask at all times, maintaining a distance of at least 1 meter from everyone present during the event, and regularly washing their hands.  

- Every guest must be registered prior to the event, which includes providing a mobile phone number and email address so that we can contact you if necessary. 

- We highly recommend that you log into our dedicated application, so that you receive all updates about the situation during the conference.  

- Please don’t attend the live conference if you are exhibiting any of the COVID-19 symptoms that have been identified by the World Health Organization.  If you are unable to attend the physical conference at Station F, your ticket will be reimbursed.

Please note:

According to our general conditions of sale (« GTCs »), the Exhibitors undertake to comply with the instructions given by the Organizer before and during the Event.

As mentioned, the Organizer will strictly following the guidelines of the French authorities and will expect the Exhibitors, who are able to attend the Event, to follow the mesures put in place.

For the avoidance of a doubt, during and after the Event, the Organizer shall not be responsible or liable in any manner regarding possible cases related with the Covid 19 Pandemic.

We are looking forward to welcoming all of our guests to the conference, whether it be online or in person.  

This page will be regularly updated and we will keep you informed across all of our channels.

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