Bertrand Perez

Chief Operations Officer of Web3 Foundation


"Bertrand Perez has been involved in the software and telecom industry since 1993 and became interested in blockchain in 2014 while working as Senior Director at Paypal. With a background in Computer Software Engineering and Computer Applications, he has decades of experience in managing and guiding large technical teams, specializing in architecture and services with 24/7 constraints. Prior to moving to Web3 Foundation in 2021, Bertrand was COO of Diem, a blockchain-based payment system to enable universal access to financial services (formerly Libra). He also set up and was managing director of the Libra/Diem Association. Web3 Foundation’s mission to deliver an internet where users control their own data, identity, and destiny is in line with his long-standing professional goal to offer the best services using the technologies and networks of the present and future."

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