Matt West

Yearn Developer and Democratic Candidate for Oregon's 6th US House District


Matt has been involved in crypto since the very beginning. In 2009, he was mining bitcoin on his college computer (alas! he lost the harddrive). In 2013, he was at the forefront of the ASIC wave, and started mining again with a Butterfly Labs Jalapeno. He was active on the Bitcointalk forums, and saw Vitalik propose his idea for a new programmable blockchain. Matt has been part of the community ever since as an advocate and investor, and in 2020 he became a dev during DeFi Summer. Working with his hackathon partner, Matt learned programming in Python and Solidity and became a Strategist for Yearn, most notably developing and launching the PoolTogether strategies and integrations. In 2021, he decided to throw his hat into the political arena and started his run for US Congress in Oregon's new 6th district. Matt is deeply passionate about climate change and renewable energy (the basis of his PhD studies), but is also excited by the forefront of technology, including blockchain. Matt will use his expertise in both fields to be an advocate for smart, efficient regulations and laws to make meaningful impacts in the climate crisis while encouraging the development of web3 and the democratization of the internet. Matt has experience with: decentralized organizational operations and workplaces, e.g. DAOs and Yearn's work structure. both personally mediating and writing code (in Python and Solidity) to bridge protocols together as a strategist for Yearn. in yield farms, incentivized pools, lending and borrowing, and all forms of DeFi money legos. the intersection of policy and blockchain governance. managing strategies with tens of millions of dollars without loss. understanding the intersection of green energy / energy efficiency and the blockchain. understanding the pros and cons of multiple consensus methods, most notably the difference between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.

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