Paolo Ardoino

CTO Bitfinex


Paolo seemed destined to fill this role from his earliest interaction with computers, quickly becoming obsessed with hardware, networks, and cryptography. After his graduation from Genoa’s Computer Science University in 2008, he started working as a researcher for a military project focused on high-availability, self-recovering networks and cryptography. Throughout this role, Paolo refined his knowledge of distributed systems and experimented extensively with cryptography. Throughout the following years Paolo acquired a strong portfolio of different programming languages and developed a genuine passion for distributed systems, high-performance computing, and cloud platforms. Interested in finance, Paolo began developing financial related applications in 2010 and founded Fincluster as CTO in late 2013. Backed by two financing investment rounds, Fincluster delivered an advanced, modern and accessible web platform serving different clients with customisation capabilities. Fincluster developed a comprehensive, cloud-based financial application for advisors, fund managers & institutions, and served numerous small and medium sized companies throughout London, Milan and Lugano. Paolo eventually joined Bitfinex as Senior Software Developer in 2014, tasked with trading engine development, platform scalability and high-availability. Later in 2016, Paolo transitioned to the role of CTO. As CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo’s role is to manage the development team, evaluate new technologies, design and develop the Bitfinex backend platform. In addition to this, Paolo also serves as Lead Backend Developer at Bitfinex. Paolo has been building valuable tools & infrastructure for financial innovation for the past 15 years. He started with major crypto trading platform Bitfinex in 2014 as a senior software developer, and after two years, he was promoted to chief technology officer. He also serves as chief technology officer of Tether — the largest stablecoin by market capitalization — which is closely associated with Bitfinex.

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