Mr. Samson Lee

Founder & CEO of Coinstreet Partners


Mr. Samson Lee (or Sam), is a prominent entrepreneur and FinTech executive. He is also a board advisor, independent/non-executive director, public speaker, lecturer, corporate trainer and private investor. He has been a keynote speaker and expert panelist at over 50international conferences, regional meetings and corporate events. His vision is to bring wealth inclusion and improve economic inequality in the world by diminishing the boundaries among nations and connecting isolated economies through financial technology and innovation.

Currently, Mr. Lee is the Founder & CEO of Coinstreet Partners, an award-winning decentralized investment banking group and consultancy firm in the F.M.T. (Finance, Media &Technology) field, providing a business eco-system for the new era of digital economy. Coinstreet Partners focuses on five business segments : Token Finance Consultancy, DigitalAsset & Wealth Management, PR Media & Investor Relations, Digital Asset Tokenization &Trading Platform, and Decentralized Finance & DLT Solutions.

In 2019, Coinstreet Partners established a strategic joint venture with BMI Group (a 25 years+ traditional international financial services group) to develop digitized securities, asset tokenization and digital asset market opportunities. This collaboration marked the true convergence of FINTECH by combining compliance & best practices from traditional capital markets with financial technology and innovative business models.

In addition, Mr. Lee is Honorary Guest Lecturer & Fintech and Blockchain Committee ofHang Seng University of Hong Kong (EDC), Independent Director of DSS (NYSE:DSS), VicePresident of Blockchain Applications & Investment Alliance, Founding Chairman of Belt & RoadTechFin Association, Chief Crypto-Economic Advisor of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange as well as Co-Founder of The STO Lab, BMI-Coinstreet Digital (BC Digital), STO Global-X, Ethereum South China Community, and the Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute.

Mr. Lee has also held various senior management positions in internationally renowned companies in the past, including Asia President of UCast, President of Next-TV, BusinessConsultant of Ericsson (STO: ERIC-B) UDN Asia, Business Managing Director of Asia Pacific of Rovi (NASDAQ: TIVO, ROVI), General Manager of Greater China and South Asia Pacific ofDivX (NASDAQ: DIVX), Head of Mobile Commerce of PCCW (HKSE:0008) and Hong Kong's first publicly listed Internet company - TOM Group (HKSE:2383).

Mr. Lee has over 20 years’ experience in TMET sector, with substantial success in commercializing various blockchain, digital and e-business projects. He played a key advisory roles in KODAKone project in 2018 (the first security token offering project from a US publicly listed company), and the establishment of the world’s first integrated blockchain and stock exchange with Gibraltar Stock Exchange in 2017, and launched Ethereum community inShenzhen in 2017. Furthermore, he led the revolutionary commercialization of numerous marquee projects, including the world’s first 4G premium VOD service with China Mobile(HKSE:0941) in 2012, Asia’s first premium video/music on-demand service with four major Hollywood studios and six major music labels in 2006, Asia’s first O2O E-commerce service withLi & Fung Group (HKSE:0494) in 2004, the world’s first Verified-By-VISA SMS payment service with VISA International and Bank of China (HKSE:2388) in 2003, the world’s first mobile e-wallet with PCCW (HKSE:0008) in 2001, and the world’s first “charge-to-bill” mobile payment service with Hutchison Telecom (HKSE: 0215) in 2000.

Mr. Lee graduated with an MBA and a Master of Science degrees from the Hong KongUniversity of Science and Technology, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto. LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samsonlee/.

Mr. Samson Lee

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